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What we do for you

If you are looking for customised Guild, Clan or eSports wear then you are in the right place.


So What do we do for you?

At the most basic level we are all about kitting out clans, teams, communities or any group of like minded gamers with clothing of their own design through a completely customisable service.

We are a company that has invested in some of the latest garment printing technologies so that we can produce the end result ourselves.  We don't actually make the garments ourselves, but we do put whatever you want onto them.  Take a look at our partners section to get some idea of what we can do.

Therefore if you are a member of any kind of gaming group from casual raiding guild to hardcore eSports players, then get in touch with us as we can provide you with customised clothing to your specification which contains your logo's, characters images or sponsors graphics.

So what does it cost?

We currently don't charge anything at all (that's right - nothing) for getting your design setup, on our website and ready for shipping.  All you need to do it to tell us what you want on the shirt and we'll do the rest.  As soon as your design is up and live, you can spread the word to the rest of your fellow gamers so that you can all get kitted out in your own designs.

So what you waiting for - Get your Phreak on!

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