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A new beginning!!


Hi again Phreaky people.

Firstly we must apologise for the last two months of disruption.  We have undergone quite a big transformation here and hopefully you will see it is all for the better.

We have a new web site on a new eCommerce platform that will hopefully allow us to be more dynamic and get new content published quicker and easier.

We have also moved office (again) and are now in a fantastic building right in the middle of Somerset in England.  The reason it takes us so long to move is simply because we make all the T shirts ourselves, so we have a load of kit to de-commission, pack up, then unpack and re-commission again.

Over the next weeks we will be gradually adding more and more designs to our pages, if there is anything you want to put up here then just drop us a mail to info@phreaky.com.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, now get back to what computers were made for (probably) - gaming.....

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  • A new beginning!!

    Hi again Phreaky people.Firstly we must apologise for the last two months of …